The future of cleft care

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Future Faces Fellow Sidra Ansari latest report

DSC07126I came to Hyderabad in March 2015 in search of an opportunity to work in a challenging environment which will hone my skills. I was overwhelmed by the amount of clinical exposure once I started working in GSR under the guidance of Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy and Dr. Rajgopal Reddy. My first 6 months included managing the OPD and documentation work, followed by general maxillofacial surgery work, and then came the diagnosis and treatment planning of patients with primary cleft lip and palate under supervision. Eventually I started assisting cases in the operation theatre and from the 4th month I started surgery under supervision for cleft lip and palate cases. In the next 6 months I started operating independently on cleft lip, palate and secondary alveolar bone grafting cases. I have also started the treatment planning for cleft rhinoplasty, orthognathic and distraction cases. The month of November and December was very busy with craniofacial cases work up and surgeries. In GSR every day is a new day; the variety of cases we get to see is remarkable.

In the past 1 year my surgical skills and tissue handling have improved a lot. This 1 year duration of time also helped me to follow up my cases, to see where I’m going wrong and correct my mistakes. I firmly believe in doctor’s continuous quest for knowledge through research. GSR institute gives me a chance to work on a research paper which I need to submit at the time of completion of my fellowship.

GSR has an institution based practice where every new fellow gets first hand training from the staff and the senior fellow. Up till now GSR had trained 26 fellows from various parts of India and further afield, all doing remarkably well in this field. We also have foreign trainees and delegates coming to GSR every year thus keeping us updated internationally. Once I finish with my fellowship I would like to serve the community through my skills.

Comment form CEO Future Faces

Fantastic log book confirms terrific progress. Well done Sidra

…. and here is a picture of all three current Fellows