The future of cleft care

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Peter Sander

Peter Sander was a GP for many years in Dorset. He took an active interest in the cleft services in Poole and maintained that interest since retiring from medical practice. His other great interest is in orchids, something with which his family have been involved for generations. He is a member of the RHS Orchid Committee

Peter’s past experience of medical practice and current organisation of national flower shows is valuable in guiding the charity in achieving its aims


Rosemary Watts

Rosemary was for many years a key member of the cleft service at Poole.

She has had enormous experience in the management of children and adults with significant speech problems and shared this on her wide travels with the team or on her own to diverse parts of the world including India and Russia.  She continues to guide the charity in planning its activities.

Paul Nicholas

Paul Nicholas is a Finance Manager working for an educational publisher in London.

Paul’s association with Cleft Lip and Palate support groups began over 20 years ago.

As a result of his eldest daughter being born with a cleft lip and has continued throughout her subsequent care, being a founder member of the original support group for the service.

He has continued to be part of the team working alongside the clinicians providing support to patients with clefts and their families.

Tony Markus

Tony Markus
Tony Markus

Tony Markus is a maxillofacial surgeon who, with the support of many colleagues, and at the request of the local childrens’ doctors, established a truly multidisciplinary cleft service to serve the population of Dorset and surroundings in 1985.

Over the years we have trained many young surgeons, speech therapists, orthodontists and other cleft team members from around the world and, with his fellow Trustees, he decided to establish the charity with a view to sharing our expertise in the longer term.

Sunil Sah


Sunil Sah was born in Nepal. He studied dentistry in Dacca and on coming to the UK over 20 yaers ago, studied medicine at Barts and the Royal London Hopsitals and trained as a maxillofacial surgeon. He is now a consultant surgeon in Wakefield where he lives with his wife and two young children

He returned to Nepal after the earthquake in 2015, and with a group of colleagues, set about helping treat the facial and craniofacial trauma that were a consequence. Subsequently, in 2017, he decided to develop a cranioofacial centre in Janakpur, provincial capital of one of the two most deprived areas of Nepal. As a result, he became increasingly involved with Future Faces and his expereinces of these particularly poor parts of the world are valuable in determining the future pathways of the charity

Philip Worley

Philip Worley has worked in the private and public sectors and his present job allows him to work closely with both.  He specialises in support for international trade and investment, helping organisations large and small expand through exporting and working with foreign-based businesses who establish in Britain. He has lived and worked in Spain, Russia, Vietnam and Switzerland.  Philip recently completed an MBA from Henley, where his elective subjects were International Business Culture and Project Management, with his dissertation on Motivation and Change.

His current role focuses on strategic and policy planning, helping develop new policies and strategies – and implementing them. Philip is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.