The future of cleft care

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Planning is the key to any successful event and to get the most out of your event, you should start planning as soon as possible.

Providing plenty of notice also means that you will be more successful when approaching companies and venues.

Be realistic about what you can achieve given the time and resources you have. A series of small events may be easier, cheaper and more profitable than one large event, but don’t let that put you off doing something big if you think it’s possible!

Setting a fundraising target is important, but if you are going for several thousand pounds then split up the target into manageable chunks, for example £200 from a dinner party, £600 from online sponsorship, etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help! You will be surprised at how much easier fundraising is when everyone chips in, even if they just share your online fundraising page with their Facebook friends.