The future of cleft care

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About Us

Padmavathi pre-op
Padmavathi as she appeared before surgery

Worldwide 15,000 children are born every hour. This means that a child with a cleft lip and/or palate will be born across the world every two and a half minutes.

On average, one in every 700 children are born with this condition.

In India, for example, this amounts to an estimated 32,000 children every year.

The consequences are dramatic, ranging from social exclusion and stigmatisation to death from starvation because children with cleft lip and palate may not be able to eat or suck properly and very few in certain parts of the world gain access to the expert treatment they require. This is largely due to a lack of specially trained clinical staff and resources.

Padmavathi 2014
Padmavathi 2013

Future Faces aims to be a global leader in the training and support of cleft lip and palate healthcare professionals so that they can deliver the best outcomes thereby changing the future for otherwise disadvantaged children. By creating an integrated infrastructure, families and healthcare professionals are able to cooperatively deliver the best care, from the initial diagnosis through to post-surgery speech therapy and beyond.