The future of cleft care

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Funds needed to establish proper facilities for cleft centre in Nizamabad, India

Dr Visalakshi, one of Future Faces funded trainees writes from Nizamabad:

Nizamabad, being a district headquarters, caters to the health needs of all the surrounding villages. A lot of cleft cases reported from surrounding rural areas are left untreated owing to the      extremely low socioeconomic conditions where patients’ family cannot afford to pay the nominal charges for anaesthesia even if it is decided to perform the surgery free of cost. The  government district hospital lacks the equipment and manpower to provide safe anaesthetic provision to these cleft babies. The nearest place for getting free surgery is Hyderabad, but this involves travel to a far place and prolonged stay at Hyderabad depriving the families of their source of income for that duration as most of them earn on a daily basis and have a hand to mouth existence. This deters most of them from going ahead to get their wards operated.
Attempts at motivating charitable institutions and social workers for help are on but till date nothing has materialized. I could only operate on the cases who afforded to pay for their basic anaesthetic and hospitalization expenses but could not really help the very poor and needy who required surgeries. The staff at the district hospital were reluctant to help me