The future of cleft care

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Dinakar needs help to get to Medical School

11149418_1045133818848975_5861880277930279308_nDinakar is the oldest resident (age 17) at the Cleft School Project of the Hyderabad Cleft Society. This is his story:

How can reaching into a rural community change one life? Dinakar’s mother was accused of causing his cleft condition by using a knife during an eclipse. His father was a pastor at the time so the family faced even more discrimination. Their home had just one room for his parents, his sister and him. Then his father left when he was two, making life even tougher.
When Dinakar was three, GSR Hospital ran a cleft assessment camp in their village and ensured Dinakar received surgery to his lip that same year. When he was four, his cleft palate was repaired and when he was seven, he had aveolar bone grafting and then another surgery on his soft palate. He had three further surgeries by the time he was 17, all free and all at the GSR Institute, supported by Future Faces.
In 2009, Dinakar moved into the Cleft School Project, which is operated by GSR, where he received a great education, speech therapy and further healthcare.
Incredibly, Dinakar is now confident that by the end of this month he will have qualified for a scholarship to attend medical school since he has achieved terrific grades. Dinakar is determined to change his life along with reversing the discrimination that other kids with cleft conditions face. Help us to help Dinakar and others who have suffered equally. Let’s rise up together and challenge the hurtful perceptions which all too often result in unnecessary anxiety and social exclusion – even from school.

Here is Dinakar with other children at the Cleft School, having a great time! Can you donate as little as £10 to re-create the prospects of one more children like Dinakar?