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Bhavya Banala Guest of Honour

Bhavya Banala, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at GSR Hospital in Hyderabad is Guest of Honour at the school attended by the children from the Hyderabad Cleft Society Cleft School Project

Congratulations to Bhavya! She’s won another award for her work, this time for her contribution to the amazing mainstream school where children from the Cleft School Project get a terrific education.

Bhavya commented ‘I am so happy to be a chief guest for an occasion of KT School Annual day celebrations…!!
And also I was very much impressed with their fabulous performances on the stage’ 11080739_981507558548042_4764679228032055353_o 11092134_981507421881389_7262929529791879055_o 11133629_981507515214713_432411748058879516_o