The future of cleft care

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Travelling Fellowships Autumn 2010

Dear Prof Markus
I am completing my externship at Halle and returning to India.  I would like to give a brief report of my externship and am attaching a complete final list of cases observed and assisted during this period.

The soft tissue surgical work observed here has helped me get a better understanding of the principles and various techniques of facial surgery. It was interesting to watch the other surgical procedures and look into other various treatment modalities for maxillofacial pathologies and trauma. It was worthwhile to see the functioning of a maxillofacial unit in an international standard which was an inspiration to organise everything for work. I had the opportunity to visit two other universities at Tubingen and Leipzig and look at their maxillofacial units also.

Interacting with the German maxillofacial surgeons and residents helped me to understand their mindset and thought process at work. This made me realize my stand and my potential among the international colleagues. Their focus on research made it obvious that research is an equally important aspect to take the profession ahead apart from acquiring surgical skills.

Presenting the cleft rhinoplasty paper at an International platform was instrumental in boosting my morale and inspires me to focus on research.

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude for giving an opportunity and supporting my externship which has changed my outlook regarding the scope of maxillofacial surgery.

Thanking you and warm regards,
Visalakshi Deverakonda


Dear Prof Markus

It gives me a great pleasure to thank you and Future Faces for considering me for the externship programme under Dr Nadjmi and his colleagues in Antwerp.  I have successfully completed my externship and will be leaving to India shortly

It was an extremely   wonderful experience to be associated with the surgeons of MKA Antwerp.

It was an great opportunity to for me to learn orthognathic surgery, implants, cleft , facial aesthetic procedure from the different surgeons with high standards.

The surgeons were kind enough to explain me the surgical procedures and also shared their vast experience they had in the field of maxillofacial surgery.

It was wonderful experience to present a paper at EACMFS congress Bruges.

From this externship I have learnt a lot for both my professional, personal life and it has boosted my confidence level which will surely help me in establish myself and to provide good standard  treatment for the patient in my country.

I hope you and Future Faces will always be there to consider me and help me in future in improving my professional career which will surely help me in improving the quality and standard of  craniomaxillofacial surgery in my country.

Attaching a copy of procedures observed.

Thanking You

Warm Regards

Dr Asif Ansari